Harmonizing Living with Architectural Art Spaces

Welcome to Gallery of Villas!

Creating family memories in your very own villa is every person’s dream. Here at the Gallery of Villas, we put together the most creative architectural designers and experienced craftsmen to create a villa that many would dream of owning. Our team, composed of top developers with the pedigree of building villas for heads of states and the elite is leading the team to build unique one-of-a kind primary and vacation villas for individuals with discriminating taste for luxury.

We creatively design and curate each villa as an architectural piece of art. The uniquely designed villas are designed to consider the natural elements of the location of our villas such as land terrain, wind flow, sun light direction, weather conditions and the views. Most importantly, the design team puts themselves in the place of the villa’s future owners and imagines how the villa can be enjoyed by the family and for entertaining friends.

We invite you to explore our villa creations here at the Gallery of Villas. We hope that one of these beautiful villas may be the one you have been dreaming of.


The Gallery of Villas founders are composed of seasoned property developers specializing in building luxury villas and residential and commercial condominium projects. Our projects are defined by the elite clientele that have patronized our creations.

Our team is hand-picked from the different disciplines that collectively create the architectural art that we build and create. Our team of architectural designers and consultants are vetted out meticulously from the Philippines and around the world.

We are committed to building unique architectural art villas delivered at the highest quality to their future owners.



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